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The Best Facebook Groups for the Independent Author

In preparation for December 28th, 2015, we're rolling out a series of posts designed to introduce you to RA Williams Publishing. So excited are we that we're willing to give our audience a taste of what our magazine is about. This is the type of content you can expect from us, helpful and informative. We hope you'll enjoy!

The Like-Minded

Finding a group of like-minded individuals to celebrate your wins is crucial. The internet teems with options on sites galore. Truly, if you're focused in on your craft, you don't have time to sort adequately through it all.

Don't worry, we've put together a list of the best Facebook groups for independent authors. It came together over time and is tried and true. Each of these groups has helped writers. I'll give you the link, their description, and a brief review of what you can expect as a member of each one.

I'll warn you that this one might get a bit wordy, but I'd rather give you the best possible info than cut it short.

The List

Every day there are new and supportive groups emerging. Some make it over the long haul because the right set of circumstances emerges. Magic doesn't happen always. In fact, most new groups fall to the wayside.

These are the ones that have stood the test of time.

For Supportive Comradarie

  • Aspiring Authors - At almost 30,000 strong, this tightly-knit group doesn't feel its size. Wil Tru heads up this group with friendly, supportive conversations. It's a forum where an author can share writing samples and network in a judgement-free zone. This group even sports an area where you can feature your work for sale along with other writers. 
  • Drunken Typewriters - Johannus Steger and Angelique Anderson are published writers in their own right. These literary geniuses came together to form a purpose-driven group designed to motivate and challenge members with daily topics of conversation. Both Steger and Anderson are available 24/7 to answer questions and help out where they can.
  • Fantasy Writers - Sara-Jayne Slack is the no-nonsense leader of this group. She's a straightforward talker with a heart of gold. As a rule, they ask that you not feature your works no more than once per week. This is to avoid clogging up the channels and allow for other writers to have their turn. At just under 3,000 members, Fantasy Writers, is full of stories and inspirations in a whimsical genre from all over the world.
  • Fiction Writers - Ariel Hundnall hosts Open Critique Event within this group. Each month, on the last day of the month, this 10,000-member strong team of writers offer each other constructive advice on how to improve their craft. 
  • Indie Author Group - Valerie Douglas jokingly calls herself the "benevolent dictator" of this group. She and her team of eight other moderators run a tight ship full of resources and support in an ad-free environment. At almost 10,000 strong, this tight group offers each other advice and helpful tools to encourage each other.
  • Indie Writers Unite! - Cheryl Bradshaw is the admin behind this network of almost 4,000 members. Her "No Spam" model effectively removes non-supportive content from the group's page. It's truly the greatest resource for independents. Everyone there is just like you. They've walked the same journey. Learn from them. 
  • Pat's First Kindle Book (From Start to Finish) - Pat Flynn originally started the group (which now boasts over 13,000 members) to chronicle his journey toward writing his first book. Today, the group runs with five simple rules in mind. Each of which is meant to encourage new writers and push them forward into progress. 
    • Rethinking World Literature - At just over 9,000 members, this closed group functions in a near open capacity. Nearly anything goes. The group's description reads, "Discussions around the topic of what constitutes 'world literature.'"
    • Struggling Authors - "No porn please!" is the only rule for this small group of 2,000 members. Other than that, Joyce DeBacco runs this group and encourages sharing of stories, tips, and inspirations. It doubles as a marketing forum in which members can feature their completed works.
    • The Write Life Community - Alexis Grant (creator of The Write Life) and Lisa Rowan run this popular group. It serves as a forum to engage with fellow writers. This resource is best used in combination with the website. 
    • Writers Helping Writers - Consider yourself warned about this group. It's meant strictly to help fellow writers, "improve our skills, learn about resources, and give each other (hopefully helpful) advice, writers' support tips, inspiration and references," says group moderator, Alan Seeger. The formula seems to be working. The group is at just over 10,000 members.
    • Writers Like Writers - Admin, Rick Crufel, runs a tight, tight ship. This group (made up of almost 10,000 members) has a long list of infractions that could get someone banned, so read through them carefully. Still, it's a neat resource that doubles as marketing help for your finished product.
    • Writers United - Author's Club - Derek Pankaew makes it makes it easy for his members to have discussions whenever they need help. He encourages link sharing especially in response to a question. This means, someone looking for detailed help could receive it in the way of a Youtube link to a lesson. A novel idea!
    • Writers' Group - This is my home away from home. Brad Combs serves as the group's patriarch and moderator. He's truly a giving, wonderful man dedicated to helping authors, as he says, "Go write something!" A group not bound by rules and limits, please keep in mind that controversial issues are frequently discussed. If you're a sensitive person, this group might not be for you. I always say, it's more like one person's shot of vodka than everyone's cup of tea. Still, I haven't met a finer group of authors and like-minded individuals in all my life!

        For Marketing Help

        Now that we've passed the supportive section, here comes the fun part. These groups welcome and encourage bragging. In fact, these groups are made up of people who support each other's works by buying them.
        • Advertise Your Books - Paul Rega asks that you steer clear of the inappropriate and the crude. Only books and writing pieces are allowed here. This is a great place to showcase your work in an environment where everyone else is.  
        • Artists Trying to Make a Living Creating Art - You wanna know my favorite thing about this one? There are artists who work in all sorts of media here. What better place to find an artist to create your cover art or a fellow writer to collaborate with? Here you'll find everything from paintings to jewelry, rubber stamps to calligraphy. It's a phenomenal working environment full of inspiration!
        • Authors & Writers Publicity - Matt Pagliaroli heads up this group designed to showcase the completed works of indie authors from all over the world. What's more, for $25 per week, you can have your ad pinned to the group's main page. Nowhere else online will you reach 12,500 members for that much money. Contact Matt by private message if you're interested. You don't have to be a member of the group to qualify.
        • Pin for Pin - Pinterest, oh, Pinterest!!!! Did you know that is has the second highest conversion rates on the net? It's second only to email. Use this to your advantage by first signing up, then joining this group full of folks who are looking to build a network on Pinterest. For everyone you follow, you'll receive a follow right back, even from me!
        • Support An Author - BK Walker heads up this group of 10,000 members. As long as you keep it clean, you're free to promote your completed work. What's more, you'll receive honest and clear constructive critique from seasoned freelance writers, editors, and novelists.

        To Improve Your Side Hustle

        What does one do to support oneself in the meantime? Well, if you've got writing chops, here are a few groups where you can find work as a writer of short stories, web content, poetry, and articles. These groups will offer encouragement, leads, and help with getting your hustle off the ground.
        • Careful Cents Club - One of my favorite groups out there! Carrie Smith heads up this group full of information and help with the ins and outs of starting your journey to financial freedom through freelance writing. To join, first join the club. Once you've done that, join the group. Joining the club gives you access to free materials and spreadsheets discussed within the group.
        • Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art) - This group is single-handedly one of the best resources for finding work while you're in between books. It's another spam free group that can help you supplement your income.

        Whew! That Was a Long List!

        Be advised: These groups are for adults 18 and over ONLY! Every admin will check to make sure you have a legit FB account before adding you to ensure you aren't there to spam. No one likes being spammed, so if you're confused, reach out to the group admins and make sure your content is okay.

        Join one or join them all! They really are as good as I say. All of these groups are made up of folks just like you. They're each working authors who have walked the path you might be starting out on. Most are open to providing encouragement and advice to the up and coming independent author.

        If you have further suggestions or helpful commentary, we invite you to share with us via the comment form below. As always, thanks for reading.


        1. wonderful! I loved how helpful this blog article is. Definitely can see this helping the wonderful next generation of writers in our midsts!

          1. That's wonderful! The aim in creating this was to inform but not overwhelm while still covering important bases. I'm glad you enjoyed it!